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Around the year 1983 Dr. Oscar Alende said that the argentinians would get back to the Islas Malvinas when our country gets strong, and Great Britain weak. The same thought, from another ideological position, was sustained by Dr. Enrique Pinedo. It’s a quite obvious thought actually.

Of course, in the Argentina, obvious thoughts have no place.  The greatest demonstration of  this fact is that instead of getting stronger, we have become a weakened country with practically nule military capacities to defend its own outdoors politics.

Anyway, although being far from reaching the initial budget plan from Alende and Pinedo. When paying attention to the words of Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron. One can think that the second budget is rising up the horizon.

When England shows itself being governed by an ignorant on the borderline with stupidity decadence is more than notorious. That’s because if any country like Argentina, England, Iran or Venezuela ignores history or pretends it to be told the way they want to. Then its feature  fades into darkness.

It’s not only ridiculous but also dangerous for a British Prime Minister to say that Argentina has a colonial position on the Malvinas.

England is still the same country that in 1893 started a war with China to impose opium produced in British India. The British Empire waxed on that basis miserable spurious and exploitation of people who fell under his domain.

In Buenos Aires we defeated them twice. One in 1806 and the other on 1807. That produced a wound in Albions ambition wich only way to heal was by imposing the British Empire in the Malvinas by military force ever since 1833.  They proceeded by evicting argentinian authorities and population from Malvinas and replaced them with English population. This is an offence to the whole American Continent.

Camerons verbal tricks to deny the imperialist history of his own country by accusing the Argentina of being colonist are as serious and terrible as the denial of the jew genocide by Mahmoud Ahmadineyad, Iran’s President. Stupidity makes dangerous governors.

In April of 1982 after the argentinian retrieval of the Islas Malvinas, Dr. Enrique Pinedo had a discussion in London with Anthony Williams, former british ambassador in Buenos Aires:

A.W.- You have to understand, Enrique, that we cannot allow the burglar to keep the wallet.
E.P.-  Please, Anthony, could you weigh your words?
A.W.- We cannot allow the burglar to keep the wallet.
E.P.-   I fully agree with you in that. I differ with you as to who the burglar is.

Don’t pretend to forget it Sir Cameron: There is only one colonial thief in this history. And that is the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Ariel Corbat, La Pluma de la Derecha
Estado Libre Asociado de Vicente López
República Argentina

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